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2024 Guide to Multnomah Falls

It’s Spring of 2024 and the Waterfalls are roaring. Multnomah Falls is expected to be the most popular destination in Oregon once again and with that come permits and parking problems galore.

a body of water with a mountain in the background

We have a few simple suggestions to make sure you have a great visit.

  1. Take the time to visit all of the falls. While Multnomah is great, to really enjoy the area you have to check out Latourell Falls, Bridal Veil, Horsetail, and of course the Crown Point Vista House.

  2. If you’re going to do this on your own in a car go early in the AM, late in the PM, or on a cloudy/rainy day. It’s chaos for personal vehicles the rest of the time. Tour buses have dedicated parking that allow them to operate when parking is impossible for a normal car.

  3. Plan on walking to the falls and driving the historic highway. In total you’ll walk about 2 miles over the course of 6 stops at beautiful State Parks. This is the way locals and guides choose to best experience the area.

  4. Avoid the Multnomah Falls freeway exit parking lot. This tourist trap resembles a highway rest stop more than a spectacular natural attraction. Don’t spoil your time in the Gorge by choosing this option.

Favorite Hikes:

  1. The Big Loop. If you’re a fit hiker the Multnomah Wahkeena loop is for you. 5 miles with 1600 feet of elevation gain. You should only attempt this hike if you know what the previous sentence entails and are surefooted. I don’t want to scare you but someone dies on this trail every year so definitely go only if you’re in the know.

  2. Horsetail Falls Loop Hike. About as reasonable of a hike as you can find in the Gorge this is 2.6 miles with 565 feet of elevation gain. Featuring amazing views, several waterfalls, and low crowds this is the hike to do in the Multnomah Falls area.

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