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Multnomah Falls Almost Burned Down

In 2017, the Columbia River Gorge region in Oregon was impacted by a large and devastating wildfire, which threatened many of the area’s popular tourist attractions, including Multnomah Falls. The Eagle Creek Fire began on September 2, 2017, and was caused by a 15-year-old boy who was playing with fireworks near the Eagle Creek trail. The fire quickly spread, fueled by high winds and dry conditions, and it eventually grew to over 48,000 acres, burning for over three months.

During the fire, Multnomah Falls was threatened, but thanks to the efforts of firefighters and fire management teams, the falls and the surrounding area were eventually saved. Despite the danger posed by the fire, Multnomah Falls remained open to visitors throughout the fire, allowing them to continue to experience the beauty of the falls and the surrounding area.

After the fire, the Multnomah Falls area underwent a process of recovery and restoration, with efforts focused on repairing damaged infrastructure, restoring natural resources, and ensuring the safety of visitors. Today, Multnomah Falls is once again a thriving and popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from all over the world who come to admire the beauty of the falls and the surrounding landscape.

Overall, the Eagle Creek Fire was a challenging and difficult time for the Columbia River Gorge region, but it also served as a testament to the resilience and beauty of the area. Despite the damage caused by the fire, the region has bounced back and remains one of the most popular and beautiful destinations in the Pacific Northwest.

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